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Our love affair with organic skincare started innocently enough by sampling various products that were available in the market place. Although organic skincare products were hard to find, the results of using such products were a pleasant surprise to us- they were much better than chemically enhanced skincare products. We found that using pure and natural skincare products produced superior results in all the key areas of skincare including exfoliation, moisturizing, anti-aging and healing. It just made perfect sense that natural products from the earth would have a better effect on your skin than manmade chemicals.

Our idea at Folia Beauty was simple, to make the benefits of organic skincare products more easily accessible to the market place while at the same time promoting an environmentally friendly life style. We believe that only nature can provide your skin with the necessary nutrients to prevent aging and spotting. We concentrate only on the best organic skincare brands bringing you the natural beauty that your skin deserves. Folia Beauty, because beauty should be organic!